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Service d’Arbres Legault opened in 2005. With our employees—all of whom are certified arborists and tree trimmers—our company has made it a mission to raise awareness, one client at a time, teaching those who own trees and groves the importance of avoiding cutting them down whenever possible.

Our respect for the environment and our love of nature put our company in a class of its own, and that’s exactly what has helped ensure our success!

At the end of 2017, Service d’Arbres Legault became Entreprise E Campeau. Simon left to pursue new challenges, while a very talented young man took his place as the new owner. Étienne Campeau is a certified arborist and tree trimmer.

This profession has been his true passion since 2010. His rigor and professionalism have made him an indispensable resource for the company’s clientele.

As one who takes pride in a job well done, he is already at ease with the clients, who have known and trusted him for many years.

His team executes every job entrusted to them in compliance with all government regulations, especially those pertaining to respect for the environment.

Member of the International Society of Arboriculture.

Tree trimming and felling services

Our experts offer tree trimming and felling services at competitive prices and are always ready to answer questions from current and future clients.

For the tree trimming and felling professionals at Entreprise E Campeau Inc., the health and maintenance of your trees is a priority. That’s why they make every effort to offer you impeccable, high-quality work that’s adapted to your needs and respectful of the environment. When performing their tree trimming and felling work, these professional arborists adapt to each situation, first conducting a meticulous visual inspection of every one of your trees in order to ensure that they take the most appropriate measures.

Tree trimming, which falls under the category of tree maintenance service, consists of selectively pruning branches and foliage to favor the health and growth of the tree or to make it safer. Ideally, this should be done every three to five years. The experts at Entreprise E Campeau Inc. perform four different types of tree trimming:

  • Trimming for safety consists of cutting off all of the branches that are dead, diseased, damaged, disproportionate, or in poor condition in order to prevent any potential hazards.
  • Trimming for health consists of removing all of the branches that are dead, diseased, weak or dying in order to prevent the propagation of various diseases.
  • Trimming for maintenance, which is part of a full tree maintenance program, consists of cutting off branches that are dead, diseased, weak or intrusive or that might harm any surrounding infrastructure.
  • Formation trimming, which is generally done during the first two years after the tree is planted, optimizes the tree’s growth and helps prevent structural defects.

Tree felling consists of cutting down a tree, and each municipality has its own strict regulations regarding this activity. Therefore, this type of maintenance is only appropriate in certain very specific cases. In fact, it’s a solution of last resort, which Étienne Campeau and his team of seasoned, qualified, knowledgeable professionals will only choose when a tree is dead, when it presents serious structural weaknesses or when it poses a risk of collapsing on a home or other building.

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