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High-quality tree stump removal

Stump removal, also called grubbing, involves grinding the tree stump and roots left in place after felling a tree. This mechanical extraction method relies on the use of a tool called a stump grinder. This machine grinds and shreds what’s left of a tree down to a depth of approximately 20 centimeters below ground level.

To help you avoid a number of inconveniences, the qualified, experienced professionals at Entreprise E Campeau Inc. would be happy to provide you with meticulous, high-quality stump removal services. As expert arborists, we undertake tree stump removal jobs for various reasons, including to prevent the proliferation of fungi, foul odors caused by rot, and numerous insects, such as carpenter ants, that could subsequently invade your home; to prevent small animals from making their nest in the stump; to prevent the appearance of new shoots; and to increase the value of your property.

At Entreprise E Campeau Inc., we perform stump removal by means of grinding, as this ecological extraction method will not affect the environment or damage your land. Before undertaking each stump removal job, our professional arborists meticulously evaluate the work to be done. Among other considerations, our experts will need to determine the type of tree, the diameter of the stump (if it’s very small, they’ll remove it using a saw and shovel, rather than a stump grinder), whether the tree is accessible to the stump grinder, whether it’s on sloping ground and whether there’s any nearby infrastructure.

After securing the premises, our expert team will grind down the stump to approximately eight inches below ground level, reducing the stump and roots into woodchips. Next, they’ll perform a thorough cleanup to leave your property level and free of obstacles so that you can plant new trees, a lawn or sod or otherwise landscape the area.

Incomparable tree services

For the professionals at Entreprise E Campeau Inc., the health of your trees is essential. That’s why they offer you incomparable, impeccable, high-quality tree services that are respectful of the environment and compliant with all applicable safety regulations. These arboriculture experts will adapt all of their tree services to suit your particular needs to ensure that they perform the appropriate work. Therefore, to serve you better, we offer the tree services described below.

  • Tree trimming is a tree maintenance service consisting of selectively pruning branches and foliage to favor the health and growth of a tree or to make it safer.
  • Tree felling is a solution of last resort when a tree is dead, presents serious structural weaknesses or poses a risk of collapsing on a building or parking area.
  • Tree bracing consists of attaching flexible or rigid metal cables to the branches or trunk of a tree in order to reinforce any potentially weak areas.
  • Stump removal consists of grinding tree stumps left in place after felling a tree, reducing them to woodchips. Afterwards, we level your land so that you can plant another tree, a lawn or something else.
  • Organic fertilization helps balance the physical and chemical properties of arable soil by using fertilizer. This procedure improves the growth of healthy trees, as well as those left in a weakened condition after surgery or the treatment of a disease.
  • Clearing consists of felling a series of trees, with the goal of removing all of the trees within a precise area, often designated for the construction of several buildings, residences or even a roadway.
  • Planting, which we do in direct collaboration with producers, notably Jardin2m, a garden center in Deux-Montagnes, enables you to enjoy a wide variety of trees and bushes at very competitive prices. Best of all, our professionals will put them in the ground for you.
  • Consulting enables you to benefit from high-quality free advice from our experts on such diverse subjects as the detection of garden pests and diseases, tree planting, the health condition of your trees and more.

Guying reinforces potentially weaker tree parts. This consists in installing guy wires (metallic cables), either rigid or flexible, in the tree’s crown or trunk.

Grubbing and Uprooting

Grubbing and uprooting consist in chopping to pieces the roots still in place after a tree has been cut down. A root chipper reduces the whole stump, or part of same, to chips, splinters and shreds. Thereafter, we smooth out the land so it can take in other trees… or lawn or a vegetable patch.

Organic Fertilization

Adding fertilizers to the arable soil promotes balance of its physical and chemical elements. More precisely, it improves growth of a healthy tree or one in difficulty after surgery or disease treatment.


We can plant trees and shrubs coming directly from their production facilities or transitory premises. The Centre du jardin Deux-Montagnes offers a wide variety of trees and shrubs at very competitive prices; check out their inventory at www.centredujardin.com. You can also phone us to ask for prices.


This is serial tree cutting, which aims to clear a particular area where businesses, houses or a road have to be constructed.

Consulting Services

Our experts can provide you with advice (at a cost), for example, on detecting diseases or insect pests, planting trees and shrubs, reforestation and forest management, or your trees’ state of health.

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