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Tree trimming is a way of “cleaning” the tree to improve both its health and the safety of the area around it. There are four different types of tree trimming:

  • Trimming for safety: cutting off any dead or dangerous branches that could pose a threat to safety
  • Trimming for health: cutting off any dead, diseased, weak or dying branches that could pose a threat to the tree or represent a safety hazard
  • Trimming for maintenance: cutting off any branches that are dead, diseased, weak or intrusive, as well as those that could pose a threat to the surrounding infrastructure, as part of a full tree maintenance program
    • Formation trimming: trimming a tree, generally during the first two years after it’s planted, in order to optimize its growth and prevent structural defects
    • Tree trimming: which is an essential part of tree maintenance, should be done every three to five years.
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In an urban environment, trees require appropriate regular maintenance in order to grow, remain in good health and live as long as possible. A professional tree trimmer has the specific, specialized knowledge, skill and equipment to perform all of the necessary tree maintenance work in a way that’s safe and respectful of the natural growth of the tree. To perform tree maintenance, whether to trim or prune the branches and foliage, the team of professional tree trimmers at Entreprise E Campeau Inc. adapt to each particular situation in order to ensure high-quality work.

First, the tree trimmer will conduct a full, meticulous visual inspection of every tree to assess your arboriculture needs and to detect any potential diseases, for example, the presence of fungi. Next, the arborist will determine the appropriate treatment for each tree on your property. As a rule, the inspection will take place when the tree doesn’t have many leaves, i.e. in the spring before the leaves appear or in the autumn after the leaves have fallen, as this gives the professional a clearer view of the tree’s structure.

Tree maintenance makes it possible to balance the tree’s silhouette, promoting its growth and preserving its health. Furthermore, it’s often mandatory for safety reasons. But more specifically, an arborist will trim a tree in order to give it a solid structure, control its size while respecting its natural shape, remove suckers, thin out the branches and the crown to improve the tree’s health by reducing the risk of diseases and the effects of wind and frost, decrease the risk of damage that the branches could cause if they contact power lines or buildings, and make the tree safer by preventing dead branches from falling on people or property.

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