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At Entreprise E Campeau Inc., tree maintenance is our specialty. We’re pleased to offer competitively priced services that are respectful of the environment. So whenever you need a tree trimmed or a stump removed, you can count on us!

Trees, which are valued for their strength and beauty, play an essential role in our ecosystem. That’s why it’s important to have maintenance performed on your trees regularly, ideally every three to five years, to ensure their health. Trimming will enable your trees to develop a solid structure that can withstand severe weather, including strong winds, hail and more. Therefore, to promote the health of your trees and the safety of the surroundings, you should have your trees “cleaned.” At Entreprise E Campeau Inc., we offer four different types of tree trimming services: trimming for safety (cutting off any branches that are dead or dangerous); trimming for health (to prevent the propagation of disease or rot); trimming for maintenance (full removal of all branches that are dead, diseased, weak or hazardous); and formation trimming (which helps optimize the growth of a young tree and prevent the development of structural defects). Our certified professionals perform full tree maintenance services for residential, commercial and municipal clientele throughout the North Shore of Montreal, Laval and the Laurentians.

We also perform tree felling in full compliance with all current municipal regulations. As a rule, cutting down trees is only permissible under certain circumstances, for example, if a tree is dead, dying or presenting signs of rot; if it is suffering from a disease, fungal contamination or an insect or parasitic infestation; if it’s located in a spot designated for the construction of a new building, the expansion of an existing building or an exterior design project (such as a pool); or if it poses a risk of severe damage or danger to nearby people or structures (garages, balconies, houses, etc.).

The experienced professionals at Entreprise E Campeau Inc. perform tree cutting in a way that’s safe and secure. We have the necessary expertise and tools, as well as perfect mastery of various felling techniques, to meet all of your needs.

For more information on our tree services, please don’t hesitate to contact us by filling out the convenient contact form below or by calling us at (514) 865-0860.

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