Tree Cutting & Pruning Experts

Tree Pruning

Pruning is the activity whereby arborists cut off all dead or weak parts of the tree. There are five types of pruning :

  • safety pruning, or dry pruning, which only eliminates dead wood;
  • remediation pruning: in addition to dead branches, this type of pruning also trims off weak, diseased and declining branches;
  • full-maintenance pruning: we remove all dead, diseased and interfering branches;
  • class 1 pruning: branches of any diameter are cut off;
  • class 2 pruning: only branches of diameter greater than 2.5 cm (1 in) are cut off.
  • One of the basic elements of tree maintenance, pruning should ideally take place once every three to five years.

Tree Cutting

Though M. Legault and his team discourage any tree cutting, this last resort is sometimes the only possible solution, for example, when the tree has died or major weaknesses are plaguing its structure. Trees that are threatening to fall onto a house, business or parking lot are also often doomed to this outcome. However, it is not always necessary to cut down trees in the latter situation.

As part of cutting down, Service d’arbres Legault specialists can cut the tree at ground level or by climbing up the tree using stingers. Perched in a basket, they can also chop its trunk in sections, after having shaved the branch crowns. In certain cases, they have to use a crane.


Guying reinforces potentially weaker tree parts. This consists in installing guy wires (metallic cables), either rigid or flexible, in the tree’s crown or trunk.

Grubbing and Uprooting

Grubbing and uprooting consist in chopping to pieces the roots still in place after a tree has been cut down. A root chipper reduces the whole stump, or part of same, to chips, splinters and shreds. Thereafter, we smooth out the land so it can take in other trees… or lawn or a vegetable patch.

Organic Fertilization

Adding fertilizers to the arable soil promotes balance of its physical and chemical elements. More precisely, it improves growth of a healthy tree or one in difficulty after surgery or disease treatment.


We can plant trees and shrubs coming directly from their production facilities or transitory premises. The Centre du jardin Deux-Montagnes offers a wide variety of trees and shrubs at very competitive prices; check out their inventory at You can also phone us to ask for prices.


This is serial tree cutting, which aims to clear a particular area where businesses, houses or a road have to be constructed.

Consulting Services

Our experts can provide you with advice (at a cost), for example, on detecting diseases or insect pests, planting trees and shrubs, reforestation and forest management, or your trees’ state of health.

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